China has successfully controlled the fast increase of population. However, the aging of China’s population is accelerating, which has become one of the most serious problems in China.

China has become an aging society since 1999. By the end of 2004, people over 60 years old had reached 143 million, accounting for 10.97 percent of the nation’s total population. So far, China is the world’s largest aging population country, taking up one fifth of the world’s total.

China has lagged far behind in terms of awareness, material as well as regulation for coping with the aging problem and the solution to such problem should be included into the national development strategy in the future. The medical care resources and a complete social security system for the aging population requires an early attention.

Several old people are waiting for the supper in a dining room of a gray-headed disease cure centre in the suburb of Tianjin municipality.
An old woman (left) is suffering from paralysis because of brain hemorrhage, who has a 36-year-old disabled son staying with her.When she is healthy, she takes care of her son’s life, but now she gets sick, they can do noting but to stay with each other looking out of the window.
An old man had a rest in a Hutong in Tianjin municipality where had been demolished due to urbanization policy.