China’s Forgotten Daughters is a character-driven documentary exploring the long-lingering impact of China’s controversial one-child policy. Through the intimate journeys of two women who search for the families that abandoned them decades ago and a passionate volunteer who attempts to facilitate these reunions, viewers are given insight into the deep wounds that China’s national planning policies wrought on ordinary citizens.

It was not until after the death of her foster mother that Cai started looking for her biological parents. She is one of the “forgotten daughters,” abandoned children under the Chinese one-child policy. In 2017, she is finally reunited with her birth father. What change would it bring on her relationship with her foster parents?

Cai Fengxia, who has been looking for her birth parents for 12 years, and is fortunate enough to track her parents down through an NGO that helps people trace their biological parents with DNA. However, the reunion brought Cai disappointment rather than joy, as what she found was not what she expected. On top of that, the cultural and language barrier also added to the divide. How would her new family relationship evolve?

自從養母去世後,38 歲的蔡鳳俠開始尋找親生父母,2017年,她成功尋獲遺棄她的親生父母,並帶著疼愛她的養父,到江陰的親生父母家過中國的傳統佳節——春節。

蔡鳳俠,38歲,自從養母去世後,在養父的支持下,開始尋找親生父母,苦尋12年未果。在2016年,終於在江陰尋親志願者協會的幫助下,找到了遺棄她的親生父母。2017年,她帶著疼愛她的養父,到江陰的親生父母家過中國的傳統佳節——春節。 遺棄她的父親和養育她長大的父親,面對他們的女兒,會有怎樣的對話?

  • Main competition section of One World International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival, Prague, 2019
  • Hong Kong Asian Film Festival, 2018
  • International Documentary Feature Competition, Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival, 2018
  • Broadcast on Al Jazeera in Feb. 2017
  • Broadcast on NHK World in Apr. 2018
  • Best Asian Pitch Award at Tokyo Docs 2016
  • Sunny Side of the Doc Award at Tokyo Docs 2016
The trailer of China’s Forgotten Daughters.