According to The Bureau of Investigative Journalism, drone strikes killed between 300 and 909 Afghan civilians in the five years between January 2015 to January 2020.

With drone strikes, the U.S. Military promised it could take out its enemies with minimal harm to innocent bystanders. “Remote Killing” shows the countless human tragedies that resulted anyway. Its painstaking investigation includes exclusive interviews with victims’ families, civilians who were wrongly attacked, and independent investigators.

The documentary starts with an American soldier who became a whistleblower and unveiled how modern warfare has gone remote but remains ruthless — putting civilians in the line of fire and causing trauma in soldiers themselves.

The film’s climax is a dialogue between a former U.S. Military drone pilot and an Afghan man who lost his leg in a mistaken air strike. It deeply analyzes the impact of America’s two-decade war in Afghanistan, which caused intractable wounds to all parties involved.